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The biggest advantage of the internet is, ironically, also its greatest disadvantage.


What is it?


It's sheer SIZE!


If you have a home based business you need 3 things:


- more leads

- more conversions

- more cash!


But the volume of offers on the internet drowns out your attempts at being heard with your message.


And that's just your first problem.


Right now you are trying to reach the most skeptical marketplace that has ever existed online.


Most online entrepreneurs are burning through money daily in feeble attempts to make it online.


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  • The real secret to understanding marketing on the internet and what are the true money makers doing.


  • How to keep your clients on memberships and make them glad they are getting their products from you!


  • What it takes to get massive traffic to your site and turn them into buyers!


  • How to put your system on AutoPilot and never have to pick up the telephone again!


  • You will never have to worry about personal rejection again with this system.




Note: "The Master the Internet" bonus DVDs below are virtual and delivered online. A physical package is not delivered to your door (so don't hassle your mail carrier).





Bonus #1

"Master The Internet!"

($97 Value)


Yes! It's true!

You can create the lifestyle you want by having an online business. But what separates those successful online businesses from those that are not? Does MLM still play a role in this new digital world or is it a dead concept that has been replaced? 


Here's where you get the answers!





Bonus #2

"How To Get Massive Traffic Now Using Free Resources"

($147 Value)


If you don't know how to generate Massive Amounts of traffic turn off your computer and go back to watching TV!


Traffic is what separates the winners from the losers online. But what are the REAL traffic secrets and how can you turn on your traffic flow instantly?


Now you will know!







Learn how the professional online marketers are really making money with these social media sites (and others) for FREE! Yes. You can generate dozens of leads each day for your program, business, or social media site! Act now while this bonus offer is still available!





Bonus #3

"Convert Traffic To Buyers Without Speaking to Them!"

($97 Value)


Okay, you've got the traffic pouring into your site!


Now What?


If the traffic is not converting you might as well be a panhandler on a busy highway just watching the traffic go by!


What do you need to do to convert those lookers into buyers?


You will finally learn how to have

your "cup" overflowing with cash!




Bonus #4

"Secrets To Building a HUGE List for

Instant Profit"

($77 Value)


These are the secrets that no one is telling you about how the big lists are REALLY being created.


Tired of being left out in the cold?


Well, now you can get the inside scoop to building a MASSIVE list!





Bonus #5

"Make A Fortune Without
Spending Money on

Pay Per Click!"

($147 Value)


Frankly, if you are new to online marketing you should keep as far away from PPC marketing as humanly possible (this also includes Facebook, Adwords, YouTube, and paid traffic offers)!


Why? Because you will lose a bundle!


Hopefully you haven't discovered this the hard way already.


Don't worry, we've got you covered. Now you will learn the methods that are keeping the guys, and gals, at Google laying awake at night!


This DVD is worth many times the asking price.




Bonus #6

"Earn Big Money


Any Economy

on Automatic Pilot"

($77 Value)


Sure hope that you haven't bought into the non-sense that "people aren't spending money during a down economy!"


(Have you walked by a liquor store's lottery machine lately?)


Yes, people are spending plenty of money!


 You just need to know where and how to capitalize on it through automated marketing.


Now you can!




Bonus #7

"Discover these Cash Secrets That Contradict What Others Are Teaching!"

($47 Value)


Yes, we have raised a few eyebrows with our controversial methods.


But a lot of the stuff you are being taught is..uh...well... um...okay, we'll  say it...STUPID!


Don't just do something because someone told you to do it -- particularly if it's NOT working! This is your wake up call.


You need to stop wasting time and start making some serious CASH!




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