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"Make Money from Home Without A Computer!"



I want to Thank You for coming to this site.

This means that you want more control in your life. And in today's world that usually comes back to money.

We have created a simpler approach to earning money.

In fact, you can leverage the Home Cash Line system without needing to come to this website and read these words.

We have been helping people who want to earn money from home for more than a decade.

Long before blogging was around, back in 2002, we developed a program called MommyCash.Net.

MommyCash.Net was around before internet marketing got complicated.

Its primary channel was email.

It paid above average referral fees to busy moms who needed more income.

And it was very popular because it paid so well. We had moms who were making $600.00 dollars a week part-time.

It became a viral sensation (before the word was connected to the internet).

I eventually moved on to other projects.

And, as is often the case, I got distracted with life.

For years we got emails asking us to bring back MommyCash.Net because, as I mentioned, moms made a lot of money from it.

Fast forward to this year.

There have been many changes online. New gadgets, widgets, the social media craze and tons of software!

In my humble opinion, marketing online has just gotten too complicated for the average at-home person who wants to earn income.

I believe, and remember this is my opinion, that social media is a waste of time for anyone looking to make real money. Basically, it's an advertising play by the social media companies because they are the ones benefiting.

Each year a new social media site pops up that is supposed to be "the thing" and everyone scurries to jump on board.

But ultimately most people trying to earn money using them will end up horribly disappointed.

So I thought...

"What if we could take the best of MommyCash.Net and open it up to a wider audience. Since there are lots of dads, college students, and retirees who also want to make money, let's make it available to them too. We would automate the process. Plus, you wouldn't need to use social media at all. And, here's the breakthrough idea, it could be done without even needing a computer!"

That was the seed-thought that led to the development of Home Cash Line.

(But please don't confuse it with similar named programs dealing with real estate - that's not who we are).

So now anyone who needs extra income from home can make money with Home Cash Line even if they don't have a computer.

How It Works:
All you do is get our website address (HomeCashLine.Com) and your code number (which you get when you join) in front of people looking to create additional income.

After you are in the system you never need a computer again because your checks are mailed weekly!

And anyone can join, without needing to own a computer, by using their local library or a friend's computer.

Next Person Compensation!
Our "next person" compensation feature means that you earn income without having to sell, or even speak with, anyone.

Something that we learned was very important to our members back in the days of MommyCash.Net.

Ready to put the system into action?

Click here to see your FREE bonus for getting started today.

I hope you decide to join us.

(You won't be sorry).


George Owens and the Support Team

P.S. - Click here to see our Level 1 offering.

Note: only Level 1 is available for sale online - you must join level 1 in order to discover how to enroll into the private Level 2 or Level 3 memberships.

P.P.S. - Your Level 3 income will allow you to leave any job!